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Why go Private for your GP?

Choose a Private GP for Tests and Treatments in London

Nowadays, more people prefer to use private GP services, there arises an important question, “ Why should you opt for a private GP?” Well, if you are having serious medical concerns that need to be addressed quickly, then seeing a private GP can be the right option for you. At our Private GPs London, you can book your appointment on the same day and visit your private GP accordingly.

Cost of taking up private GP service

Many patients find that the service does not cost much and the benefits of using a private GP usually outweigh its costs. You can fix a same day appointment with your private GP doctor in London and prevent the trouble of long waiting times. Finding a private doctor is a simple procedure and you enjoy the luxury of choosing the exact location and right time that will fit your busy schedule. New patients are always welcome at the clinic and you do not have to register with the NHS to use our services.

Less waiting time with our private GP service

Our private GP service enables you to fix appointments according to your convenient time. Our team of private GPs will make it easy so that you are seen at your convenient time during the opening hours, whether it is in your lunch hour or between the meetings. We also provide extended opening timings with early morning, lunchtime and evening appointments.

Private healthcare test results are processed quickly

The test results are usually processed faster in the private sector. For example, MRI scan results can be given within 24hrs and even emailed to you. The doctor’s notes can be sought out quickly and prescription to pharmacies take up the hassle of picking up the prescriptions.

Greater level of professionalism

Our team of private GPs works together so that they can offer the best service possible to you. Our GPs are already adept in diagnosing a wide range of conditions and illnesses including cervical screening, health check ups and family planning.

The clinic  provides the best possible diagnostic equipment’s and comfortable surroundings for an appointment that is beneficial for the ones who are highly concerned about privacy. We take great pride in our utmost level of personal care and ensure you get the best possible advice, consultation and treatment from us.

Having a private GP means you can visit based on your convenient time

A private GP appointment means you are given 30 minutes for your appointment. There aren’t any strict rules about how many conditions you may talk to us. Both the doctor and the patient can take their own time for knowing the exact problem and then discussing about necessary tests, possible treatments and follow up care. The NHS doctor’s appointment in the UK generally lasts for 9.22 minutes, on an average. This is comparatively shorter than the ones enjoyed by other countries all over the world. Shorter appointment times can be the reason for dissatisfaction of patients that can adversely affect patient care and contribute to the stress and workload of the doctor.

Spending more time has several benefits for your level of care and treatment. Many people decide to visit a private doctor for getting a second opinion as they feel they can get more attention and feel less rushed.

Private GPs offer complete services

Several services offered at different locations will enable to diagnose as well as treat a problem effectively and quickly with our private service.
At our Private GPs London, we provide a  private GP service, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI scanning, gynaecology, osteopathy, urology, physiotherapy, haematology, ENT services and much more. This means we provide a complete service that allows you to perform any required testing or treatment. Thus, getting complete care under the same roof is a major advantage for most patients.

If you are interested in knowing more about our services, go through our review online shared by our previous clients. You can also private GP appointment at the clinic according to your suitable timing by dialing our number 02073599880 and get yourself seen from our experts.

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