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GP Consultation

When something is wrong, all you want to do is see a doctor face to face and to feel confident that he or she is an expert who can advise you. At Private GPs London we know how important that is so we offer same day appointments, so that whatever is bothering you, there will be no restless sleepless night, you will see a doctor the same day. We believe that our appointments should be as flexible as possible and so we offer early morning appointments and appointments in the evening and at the weekend too.

The Way we Work

First there will be the friendly welcome to the clinic and when you see one of our expert medical team you will be a step closure to a diagnosis and to the treatment that you need.

Call on of our dedicated team to secure your appointment or go online to register.

No need to wait

There will be no waiting for an appointment you will always been seen as promptly as possible. Our aim is to deal with anything that is worrying you so that you get back to your normal healthy self as soon as you can. If you need a referral, we’ll make sure that the most appropriate referral is made as soon as it can be.

Private GPs many years of experience

Each Private GP comes with many years of experience to ensure that you are always relaxed and comfortable.

Payment methods

You may need to pay the bill yourself or you might be eligible for payment to be made by your insurance. If you need a prescription, any chemist will be able to dispense it, however, you will need to pay as this is a private prescription and not a prescription from the NHS.