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4 Questions to Consider Prior to Your STD Checks

Questions to Consider Prior to Your STD Checks

The experience of an STD and the prospect of being its carrier is the most common problem every person faces. As it is inevitable, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. You can only take the necessary actions to cope with the situation and stay healthy in the long haul.

As per CDC, a lot more people are becoming victims of STDs in recent years. Also, the new acclaimed cases are all about the people aged around 15-25 years. Interestingly, as per the report, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and Syphilis have become highly antibiotics resistant as well.

What do you mean by an STD?

At first, you have to understand the basic difference between STD and STI. Sexually Transmitted Infections usually develop into STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). But this doesn’t mean that STI will always develop into the disease. On getting an infection, there is no necessity that it will lead to other health complications.

But on the other hand, STD can result in prolonged medical complications which are often treatable. Distinguish must be given equalled importance as it can stay dormant in the body too for a long period of time. Most cases of STD come without any potential symptoms or signs which is why people consider it as the STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

Now, certain questions regarding the STD can strike through your mind. All answers to the questions are totally depended on the risk factors, sexual activity and the age of the individual. Instead of panicking, all you can do is to get tested regularly. Before undergoing same day STD testing in London, you should know about the 4 prime questions that you need to consider in the section below:

  1. When STD checks are essential?

In general, if you are sexually active, it is important for you to visit your local GP for undergoing STD tests every year. When we are talking about STIs, we don’t just mean Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia but also more serious infections like HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis.

Moreover, it is a good idea to get tested every time you have sexual contact with someone new, whether it is oral or intercourse. If you engage with several partners then you are recommended to get screened once in every three months.

In case you have sex with a new partner on a daily basis, then you should get tested even more often than that. Apart from keeping you protected, you can rest assured that you are not putting others at risk too.

  1. For how long you have to wait to get checked?

The simplest answer to this question is that there isn’t any time bar to get tested. Despite using protection or not, it is always better to get tested to check your sexual health status. Even skin-to-skin contact can transmit STD from one person to another.

Before getting sexually (oral, vaginal or anal) intimate with a new partner without using any protection, you should get tested. Given below are some timeframes to obtain an accurate test after exposure:

  • 2 weeks: reliable pregnancy confirmation, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
  • 1 week to 3 months: Syphilis.
  • 6 weeks to 3 months: Hepatitis B and C and HIV.
  1. What are the common symptoms of STD

Although STI tests are quite resource consuming, time consuming and expensive,  you have to be smart while getting your sexual health status checked. The prime motto of undergoing STD testing is to stay protected and follow the professional guidance that you will receive in order to keep you healthy in the long run.

If you have already had unprotected sex with your partner several times, then you become highly susceptible for an STD contraction. At that time, you should get tested and always use protection after that.

As you already know, STDs don’t possess any symptoms. However, if you forgot to use the condom or it came off or split up at the time of intercourse, you may experience mild or no symptoms at all.  

Basically, the symptoms you may experience are mentioned below:

  • Severe itching close to vagina or penis.
  • Painful sex.
  • Apart from menstruation, bleeding from vagina.
  • Abnormal discharge from vagina or penis.
  • Yellowish skin (jaundice).
  • Chillness, fever, pains and aches.
  • Night sweats, loose stools and weight loss.
  • Painful urination.
  • Skin rash.
  • Redness or swelling close of vagina or penis.
  • Warts, sores or bumps in the vagina, penis, anus or mouth.

Obviously, every STD possesses its own series of symptoms. Hence, you are advised to do extensive research in case you are highly concerned regarding any specific STD.

  1. What will be the expectation from STD checks?

At first, you have to fix an appointment at any local STD clinic or GP for undergoing the STD tests. While you visit the clinic for sexual health testing, you will be asked some personal details along with your contact information. Basically, you will not get the test report right away.

You have to wait for some days or at least a few hours before receiving the results. There are some clinics which can assure to deliver the test report within 4 to 6 hours. Later, a nurse or the doctor will inquire about your sexual and overall medical history. Accordingly, they can determine which tests are essential for you.

It may need:

  • Genital examinations.
  • Urethra swabs.
  • Blood sample.
  • Urine sample.

Now as you are well aware of the questions to ask during STD testing, book your private GP appointment in London. There are certain clinics where appointments can be fixed according to your convenient time. Just choose one amongst them on the basis of their services, affordability, convenience and reliability.

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