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Health MOT

Well Man Screening - Under 40s

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Well Woman Screening - Under 40s

Women’s Health Basics MOT


Women’s Health Advanced MOT


Women’s Health Elite MOT



Well Man Screening - Over 40s

Men’s Health Basics MOT


Men’s Health Advanced MOT


Men’s Health Elite MOT



Well Woman Screening - Over 40s

Health Basics MOT


Health Advanced MOT


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Health Elite MOT


Health Body MOT in London - Full Medical Checkup

At Private GPs London, we offer complete body health check-ups to patients. You can check your health at one of our body Health MOTs. We can help you with Visa Medicals, Corporate Medicals and Post-Travel Screening.

Our special packages cover the entire body including heart health, liver, kidney, stroke risk and health markers such as – diabetes, cholesterol, protein, muscle mass and much more for men and women – a full MOT health check-up. The routine medical tests we do, provide great opportunities to conduct screening for your health concerns early and focus on any specific health concerns as well as considering risk factors and changes in your lifestyle.

Our GP clinic has been established for more than 20 years and works with experienced GPs who offer a comprehensive health screening service and deliver quick results.

Our Body MOT stands for:

  • Measurements.
  • Observations.
  • Tests.

The method highlights on different ways for improving your health condition. Our experienced GPs are dedicated to providing great advice and full support for your balanced diet as well as certain changes in lifestyle. We are always willing to offer confidential advice with our MOT health checks.

Our MOTs are designed and assessed regularly to meet top quality standards for patients of all age groups. Get in touch with us to find out about our services for your customised health screening.

Full Body Health Check-up Packages for Your Requirement

Health MOTs help patients to improve their overall health by screening regularly to detect any illness. Patients can take full advantage of necessary treatment options to improve their health before any complications develop. Based on your needs and concerns, we can offer you an exclusive package that will allow you to get the best results.

Our health checks can be fully customised to your requirements. It is suggested that you build your health screening based on our attractive packages as they are designed with more than 30 years of practice to offer patients, with the highest level of testing at competitive rates.

We are proud to be able to offer exceptional value to patients. Our Deluxe Health Screening rate of £999, and our Basic health screenings is just £295.


The Mediscreen Basic MOT is a health screening product suggested for individuals of all age groups. Click on this link for detailed information on what should be included at each level.

It is suggested that health-conscious individuals have a screening test every year to maintain an ongoing overview of their health.

Your consultation with our private GP is not covered by the Basic MOT but a review of the results with the doctor is available, at a discounted price of £75.

Price - £295


The Mediscreen MOT is a comprehensive health screening, recommended to provide detailed look of health condition for people of all age groups. Other than the tests included in Mediscreen Basic MOT, you can have Iron, Thyroid and Vitamin D blood tests and screening to detect colonic cancer. Please check this link to get detailed information on what is there at each level. We advise you have the MOT yearly for a detailed overview of your general health.

Your consultation with our private GP is not covered by the Basic MOT but a review of the results with the doctor is available at a discounted price of £75.

Price - £395


The Mediscreen Gold MOT is our finest package that is suggested for healthy people of all age groups It covers the same tests as our Mediscreen MOT, but also provides a completely reported 12 Lead ECG or Electrocardiogram and a Chest X-Ray to identify any lung or heart problems. Apart from the Mediscreen MOT, you will need additional blood tests to detect any infections and to identify your blood group. Click on this link to get detailed information.

We suggest you have the Gold MOT yearly if you are healthy and want to maintain or improve your health. You will get a personalised medical synopsis with your results and recommendations, within a few days after visiting the clinic.

Price - £495


Our Mediscreen Deluxe packages include a top-to-toe assessment of your overall health which is the most comprehensive health evaluation package we can offer. The tests are specifically designed to screen for the most common health concerns. We will help you with a thorough consultation from our GPs to discuss any health problems that you might be facing.

These exclusive packages have been designed to provide you with the highest level of health testing at a sensible price point. We are more than pleased to offer the same level of service as our competitors at almost half the price.

With BNP blood test, you can detect heart failure early and reduce the risk of heart problems in later life. The tumour markers CA 19-9 - pancreatic tumour marker, S100 - skin tumour marker and AFP - testicular tumour marker will be done along with other examinations and observations that can detect cancer at an early stage. Proper testing, treatment, counselling and referrals are always available at the clinic.

Price - £999


The Mediscreen Deluxe Men’s MOT is aimed at men who are over 40 and want a top-to-toe evaluation of their health with specific focus on tumour markers.

A thorough consultation with our private GP will enable you to discuss in detail all your health concerns with an ultrasound of the abdomen. By combining our Gold MOT measurements as well as observations, you will be better able to improve or maintain your health.

BNP blood tests will flag up heart problems at an early stage and lessen the risk of heart failure later in life. The tumour markers CA 19-9, S100 and AFP are used for other observations and thorough consultation with our private GP will provide the information needed for evaluating any risks of cancer. Besides, necessary testing, treatment, referrals and counselling are always available.

Price -


The Mediscreen Deluxe Women's MOT is aimed at women who are over 40 years of age and want a top-to-toe assessment to improve their health with specific focus on tumour and gynaecological health markers. As well as our Gold package, you need to undergo these services:

A thorough consultation with our private GP to talk about any health concerns and fix an appointment. You will need a breast ultrasound to detect any lumps in the breast tissue.

By combining our Gold MOT findings as well as observations, you will have a complete analysis of your entire body so that you can maintain or improve your health.

The tumour markers CA 125 and S100 have been used together with other observations about your medical history and consultation with our GP for cancer risk evaluation. Besides, testing and treatment, counselling the clinic can provide referrals when needed.

Price - £1499


By following our recommendations for sexual health screening, the Mediscreen Sexual Health MOT combines the Basic MOT package and Bronze Sexual Health package. It is recommended for people in all age groups who are sexually active and the MOT will evaluate your general as well as sexual health.

You will be given your test results as well as recommendations for taking further action if necessary, maybe with some life style changes.

Price -


  • Health check-ups consist of an assessment of your medical history, physical examination and any necessary tests. You will be provided with a written report that includes the results along with health and lifestyle advice indicated by their findings.
  • Follow-up after a medical check-up is extremely important and if there is any problem, we can arrange for further investigations or refer you to a specialist.
  • In line with the present recommendations and EU legislation, we do not conduct routine chest X-Rays, but these may be arranged separately when indicated clinically.
  • We provide help with post-travel screening, visa medicals, pre- and post-deployment medicals, work health assessments and industry-related medicals as a part of our Occupational Health Services.

Reasons to choose us for full body MOT in London

At our clinic, private GPs offer effective, convenient and fastest health screening in London. We will provide you with same day appointment facility 7 days a week.

Unlike some health screening services, you need to find a UK accredited GP who can offer the health checks most appropriate for you. The results will then be explained with advice. In case follow up treatment is needed or you want to discuss the results in detail, schedule a 15-minute consultation for £34.

Book your health screening today
Is there a health screening clinic near me?

If you are looking for more information, then schedule an appointment at our clinic in London by calling us at 02073599880.

Some FAQs

A health screening consists of a series of tests and examinations. When you are feeling well, there are certain conditions such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure that do not show any symptoms but might worsen without treatment. A health assessment will detect warning signs of hidden as well as hereditary diseases and can provide tests that are not available on the NHS, unless you become symptomatic. It is a great way to understand the state of your health and how you can work towards improving it.

At our Private GPs Clinic, we try hard to offer a wide range of services at affordable prices. Our packages for health body MOT range from £295 to £1499. Each package consists of tests performed to determine the status of your overall health.

The private GPs will prepare a comprehensive medical report about your present health and suggest any necessary changes in your lifestyle to lessen the risk of illnesses in future and to improve your overall well-being.

A full physical examination is an examination of your body which is done by the doctor. It consists of assessment of basic body systems such as the nervous system, cardiac health, lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

It will help you to know whether you have any health problems that you may not be aware of.

It is a good choice for patients who want a routine health check-up. If you are suffering from specific concern, then you can seek advice from your private GP. These are suggested for patients who are above 18 and do not want to perform the tests for their developing bodies.

At the clinic, our GPs have many years of experience and offer a valuable service to patients for any health concern. Your health is our top priority.





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