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5 Health Problems facing Men and Action to Take

Health Problems Men Should Think to Stay Protected from them

There are different health conditions that can greatly impact male health – low testosterone, prostate cancer and more which will be discussed in this blog post. It’s important to keep in mind that men die at a higher rate than women, often because they do not take care of their health. Starting from infancy to an old age, women seem to be healthier and live longer than men on average. It is advised to perform private blood tests from time to time in order to ensure that you are healthy and that there aren’t any underlying health conditions that can exacerbate health issues.

1. Cardiovascular disease

Whether heart disease or atherosclerosis, this is considered to be the leading cause of death in men and women. Cardiovascular disease happens when cholesterol plaque that has accumulated within the arteries blocks the flow of blood to your heart and brain. The plaque becomes unstable with the formation of blood clot that blocks the artery, causing a stroke or a heart attack.

Cardiovascular disease starts early in men compared to women and the average age of death due to cardiovascular disease is 65 years old. Men should take all necessary steps to prevent the disease by taking proper care of their health at an early age. You may begin with a cholesterol check when you are in your thirties conducted every 5 years while staying active, eating healthy and consuming less saturated foods, not smoking or limiting the amount of alcohol consumed. 

2. Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in both men and women. But more men have been diagnosed with this disease than women. Smoking is another reason for this disease that causes almost 90% lung cancers. Men who are addicted to smoking should quit as soon as possible, quitting smoking lessens the chances of developing lung cancer.

3. Prostate cancer

This is a common kind of cancer in men. Though prostate cancer is typically slow growing and is expected to spread, it may be aggressive too. If men are not undergoing yearly physical examinations, then they will not have any idea whether their prostate is functioning properly or not. Prostate cancer screening requires a blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA) as well as a physical check. Regular discussion and screening with the doctor can reduce the risks of prostate cancer which will keep you not just healthy but also informed about the signs and symptoms of prostate problems.

4. Depression and suicide

Clinical depression is considered to be an emotional disturbance that can affect your entire body and overall health condition. Since many men hide their emotions and suffer in silence, they often do not get diagnosed with their condition. Certain signs of depression include – change in appetite, weight gain or loss, irritation, fatigue, lack of energy, feeling restless, sleep disturbances, feeling hopeless, trouble in concentrating or making decisions.

Suicide is believed to be the eighth leading cause of death among men and it is comparatively higher for young men. Anyone who has these symptoms should visit a doctor for treating depression and start with the treatment soon.

5. Diabetes

Men who are diagnosed with diabetes may feel shocked as this disease begins silently without showing any symptoms. Diabetes is a condition when the sugar level or glucose remains elevated in the blood. This is another cause of death that can lead to some complications like blindness, heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, amputations and kidney failure.

If you have excess weight, eat unhealthy food and do not exercise daily, then you are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. If you would like to reduce the chances of developing any damaging to your body or potentially life-threatening diseases, you should visit your doctor regularly, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet at all times.

You need to schedule an appointment with a private GP who will perform the necessary tests for detecting your health problems. He will suggest you with the right treatment before things become worse. This way, you can stay protected from certain diseases and lead a healthy life.

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