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Private Sexual Health Clinic in London

Same-Day STD Testing in London

Our private sexual health (GUM) clinic in London offers a complete range of sexual health screening and testing services for different STDs and STIs from just £134.

We will provide you with a same-day appointment (available 7 days in a week). Your medical team may discuss various options before performing an STI test. This is a comprehensive sexual health screening as well as STD testing that can be arranged at our clinic.

STD Tests Performed at Our GUM Clinic in London

Tests Price  
Chlamydia £91
Gonorrhoea £91
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea £91
Gardnerella £106
Hepatitis B £59
Hepatitis C Antibodies £120
Hepatitis C Antigen £59
Herpes I & II Blood Test £107
Herpes I & II Swab Test
*Inclusive of £150 consultation fee*
HIV £65
HPV £230
Mycoplasma £106
Mycoplasma & Ureaplasma £135
Syphilis IGG/IGM £74
Trichomonas £106
Ureaplasma £106
Bacterial Vaginosis £71

A fee of £50 will be payable for drawing blood. Urine tests, STI blood, and swabs do not have any surcharge.

Sexual Health Screenings Available at Our Clinic

We carry out tests for different STDs or STIs through screening options. Our clinic provides both standard and fast-track options based on how soon you want to get the results. Our team of experienced GPs will discuss all possible options to ensure you are tested for any conditions thought necessary, according to your symptoms.

Advice from our experienced medical team

We work with a team of experienced sexual health professionals who are always willing to offer help. You need to consider getting tested after you have unsafe sex whether you have any obvious symptoms. With some STD’s there may be no symptoms at first.

Being tested will let you know if you have been infected and if matters getting worse. It is possible to treat most sexual health infections with antibiotics.

We have an extensive range of tests and exclusive packages for individuals at competitive rates. Ask us about the most appropriate package for you, during your appointment at our clinic.

Why Choose Us As Your Private Sexual Health Clinic in London

  • Complete discretion which means your personal details won’t be shared with others without your permission.
  • Same day STI testing services in London without booking an appointment.
  • We are open on weekday evenings till 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • We deliver quick results with Serology testing return in 24hrs.
  • We ensure guaranteed results for PCR testing in UK accredited laboratories.
  • If the result is positive, we provide you with different treatment options, prescriptions, and proper guidance.
  • Our wide range of counseling and contraceptive services are there at your disposal.
  • You can book an appointment 7 days in a week.
  • We provide quick screening without using intrusive swabs.
  • Early STD screening with HIV is done from 10 days post contact.
  • Our test prices are competitive, based on industry standard and the packages offer a great combination of comprehensive examination, necessary testing and proper treatment.
  • Our private GPs make testing easy and convenient.
  • You may use a pseudonym while enrolling at our clinic for complete discretion. Testing usually requires 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Complete satisfaction – We look after the needs of our patients and if you have any queries, our medical team will be more than happy to assist.

How to Book Your Appointment for Regular Sexual Health Checks?

Here at Private GPs London, Our medical team can perform a complete range of STI tests. To book an appointment for regular sexual health checks you may call us at 02073599880 or you can also schedule your appointment online today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infections can transmit easily when you have any kind of sexual activity with an infected person. The infection may pass from one person to the other during vaginal, anal, or oral sex and when you have skin-to-skin contact. STIs occur after exposure to certain types of bacteria such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia or viruses like HIV, human papilloma virus, hepatitis B and herpes.

About 20 million people in the UK suffer from a sexually transmitted infection, every year. Such infections can affect both men and women in all age groups. But half new infections are found in young people between 15 and 24 years.

Certain signs and symptoms might be an indication of an STI and they are:

  • Discharge from your penis
  • Painful or burning urination
  • Sores or bumps in your genitals, in the oral or rectal part
  • Abnormal discharge or a bad smell from your vagina

Conducting a screening test is about identifying an infection that does not show any symptoms. Just as you are screened with a mammogram for breast cancer, or for colon cancer, you may need screening for different sexually transmitted infections, based on your risk factor. There aren’t any suggested tests for all and the test will depend on the risk level you have and your present lifestyle.

You can have a test of sexually transmitted diseases at different STD Clinics near you by visiting your family doctor. Some people choose a walk-in clinic to be seen by experienced doctors.

Your medical team can tell whether you are suffering from any STD through certain tests. The results will normally come back from the laboratory. Tests for syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis are usually returned within 24 hours. Our medical team perform swab and urine tests that require more time since in the laboratory, the sample will be allowed time for bacteria to grow, usually about 4 days.

The time to have a STI is when:

  • You start to have intercourse with a new partner
  • You or your partner have more than one sexual partner
  • If you have a regular test, and It has been more than three to six months from the last test.
  • You notice certain symptoms.
  • You have had sex with someone who has an STI.
  • You suffer from severe bleeding or discharge
  • You experience severe pain with intercourse

Certain STIS have symptoms such as abnormal discharge, pain on urination and itchy bumps. But some sexually transmitted infections do not exhibit any symptoms.

Getting tested as well as treated for different sexually transmitted infections should be confidential. Most infections are treatable and you can visit your nearest sexual health clinic and get treatment. By choosing our walk-in service, you can schedule your appointment instantly.

We have a wide range of STD testing services and you need to talk to our medical team with confidence about your sexual health problems. We include all major tests for your sexual health such as Chlamydia, HIV and we offer discreet service with quick results.

The answer is yes. Menstruation does not affect the test results. We will advise you about what is best.

Before our sexual health tests, you will first might consider a thorough consultation from the private GP for only £150. This ensures you are aware of the results so that you can decide what to do next. In case you do not want to visit the clinic for a consultation, we have different options to test for STDs or to have an STD test near me. Call us now to make an appointment.