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Reasons why you should choose a Private GP

Reasons why you should choose a Private GP

Nowadays, more people are choosing private GP services. If you are facing medical issues that should be addressed soon, then a private GP might be the right option for you. See if you can get a same day appointment when the matter is urgent.

Cost of choosing a private GP service

Many patients find that the service does not cost as much as they thought and the benefits of using private a GP generally outweigh the financial consideration. Makea same day appointment with yourprivate GP in London and avoid waiting. Using the services of a private doctor isa simple method and you can select convenient timing as well as a convenient location to suit your busy schedule. New patients are welcomeand you do not have to register with the NHS to use theirservices.There is no paperworkinvolved.

Lessen the wait timing with a private GP service

By choosing a private GP service, you can book an appointment when it suits you.The private GPs make it easyfor you to seen at the most convenient time, whether thatis during the lunch hour or after work or at weekends.

Private healthcare clinic processes quicker test results

Test results can be processed faster ina private healthcare clinic. For exampleMRI scan results will be givento you within 24hrs. Prescriptions are provided quickly as well as pre-employment medical certificates or fit to work certificates.

High professionalism from the private GPs

The team of trained and expert GPs will offer you the best service possible as they diagnosedifferent conditions usinga wide range of services such as – cervical screening, family planningand health check-ups.

The clinic usesthe best possible diagnostic equipment. The clinic takes great pride in delivering the highest level of care with top doctorswho ensure you are always given the best possible consultation, advice and treatment.

Private GP allows you sufficient time

Anappointment with a private GP means you will have 30 minutes for yourconsultation. Treatment can be discussed, with any necessary tests is allocated9.22 minutes,comparatively shorter than in other countries of the world. Many people visit a private doctor for a second opinionwherethey feel they are given more attention and feel less rushed.

Private GPs offer a complete range of service

With various services offered indifferent locations, the private GPs can diagnose as well as treat problems.

Different services offered include – MRI scanning, ultrasound, X-ray, physiotherapy, gynaecology, haematology, osteopathy, ENT services and urology.

If you want to know why you should choose a private GP or schedule a private GP appointment at your convenience, then visit or call the clinic and talk to our friendly staff.

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